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Monday, January 31, 2011

Quiz: Should you get pregnant?

1) I am willing to go to a hospital, do a truckload of drugs, then wake up the next day feeling like I'd been in an S&M experiment gone seriously awry. OR I am willing to skip the drugs first.
- yes   - no   - like last Friday?

2) My husband doesn't mind if I go insane
- yes   - no   -He's already in Mexico

3) I enjoy it when entire plane loads of people hate me
- yes   - no   - Also restaurant patrons

4) Breasts are sexy
-  yes   - no   - Seriously, no

5) I enjoy sleeping
- yes   - no   - I am an internist

6) Being enormous and barfing is acceptable:
- never   - Two months, max   - I've never felt so beautiful

Part II tomorrow: Your ass, and the final tally

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