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Friday, December 17, 2010

From the archive: Koi

On the North side of town there's a duck pond for a yard. All kinds of exotic water birds live there that you could wish forever to see in the wild but never would even if you lived in Siberia and were specifically trying.

Jeff and I got in a fight about I don't even remember so I drove him all the way up to the north side to see the duck pond because I wanted to show him something really neat as a way of saying sorry without actually saying it.

When we got there, the harlequin ducks were chasing each other in a waddling funny way and the trumpeter swans came right up to the fence to inspect us. Jeff was smiling and about to forgive me when a fish flipped out of the water and landed on the bank right in front of us, flopping and gasping and all we could do was watch.

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