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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Containment: How Diapers Work

- (back) Poop shoots out the back when she's in her car seat

- (side) Poop trickles out the side when she's wearing brand new jammies (see ... FOOT SAUCE is when the baby is in a carrier while wearing fleece jammies and liquid poop flows down each leg to pool in the foot parts, to be noticed by you only when it drips on your bare legs because you are wearing your husband's boxers, on the 'B' side.

-(front) Pee soaks out the front once she's old enough to sleep on her tummy

A TOTAL BLOWOUT is when, in the 3-minute ride to your work X-Mas party the baby poops so much it soaks through her dress, down the car seat, and onto her backup outfit on the floor.