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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Really, really bad nightmares

I dreamed I woke up at a stranger's house and couldn't find the baby. Then I realized she was a turnip in the garden.

I dreamed we were standing on the Golden Gate Bridge when the baby fell off inside a huge pill capsule. We saw it wash ashore and sprinted down to save her. When we opened the capsule, she was a cocoon broken in half.

I dreamed she was covered in dog crap and when I washed it off she was a shrivelled blue alien.

I dreamed we lived in a house with a tiny pond in the back yard. One day a huge goldfish jumped out, snatched the baby out of my arms then swallowed her whole. We drained the whole pond to find her but only found frogs.

I dreamed she was kidnapped by lesbian rodeo clowns.

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