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Monday, December 20, 2010

24 weeks: Childbirth methods

The Bradley Method

Basic idea: Drug-free childbirth is satisfying for mothers, healthy for babies.
Key points:
- Your obstetrician is a puppet controlled by pharmaceutical companies and malpractice insurance
- Women have easier deliveries when their husbands help while naked
Likely result: Healthy mother and baby


Basic idea: Simple pain coping strategies can ease labor. Also, drugs are awesome.
Key points:
- The doctor and hospital staff are benevolent and trustworthy. Don't worry about all those tubes stuffed into your vagina or the IV wedged into your spinal column.
- Panting is a good way to increase oxygen to the brain despite overwhelming scientific and commonsense evidence to the contrary
Likely result: Healthy mother and baby

The Travis & Robyn Method

Basic idea: Travis grabs birth book on the way to the hospital and reads the content pages at stoplights.
Result: Healthy mother and baby

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